This page answers some of the questions you may have about our hotel.
Please ask the question in the e-mail when you have more questions.


Q Do you have non-smoking room?
A All rooms are non-smoking room except any rooms in annex.
So please smoke at the smoking room in the lobby.
Q Can I use Wi-Fi?
A Guests can use Wi-Fi in the lobby and the rooms.
Please ask the password for Wi-Fi at front desk.
Q Can I receive the massage service?
A The rate for the massage service is 4,500JPY(40minutes).
Normally the massage service start at 17:00.
Q Can I get the spa treatment?
A The rate for the spa treatment is 11,000JPY(40minutes)~.
The staff offer spa treat ment in your room.
Q Is the bath water in the room onsen?
A The bath water in the private open-air bath in the room is 100% natural hot spring.
(The bath water in the standard room is not hot spring.)


Q When the dinner and breakfast start?
A The breakfast start at 07:30-08:30
and the dinner start at 18:00-19:00 in our hotel.
Q I have the food can't eat because of allergy and religious reason.
A We will cope with that as possible if you tell us at least 3 days in advance.
※Please note that we can't cope with that if you tell us it on the day.
※Please note that there are some foods(egg,wheat,gluten free) we can't cope with.
Q Can I order "specilal menu" on the day?
A Please oreder "specilal menu"until 3 days before because we can't receive the order of special menu on the day.
Q Where can I eat the meals?
A A We will serve the meals in your room for guests staying stardard room.
We will serve the meals in the private banquet room for 6 or more guests and guests staying room with private open air bath.
Q Can I eat other menu if I stay for 2 or more nights.
A We will serve another menu until 3nights.
Q We reserve 2 rooms and Can we eat the meals together?
A We will prepare private banquet room for you.And you can eat the meals together.
You can eat together if you let us know in advance.We will arrange a dining place for you.
Q Can I bring food and drink?
A Please don't bring food and drink when you eat the dinner and breakafst.
(You can bring the food for baby when you eat the dinner and breakfast.)
Q Can I choose the menu?
A We serve the set menu for dinner and breakfast.
So you can't choose the menu.
Q What if I can't make it in time for dinner?
A Latest time to take dinner is 19:00.
And after 19:30 not possible to serve dinner due sanitary problem.
Meanwhile sorry to say in that case you cannot receive refund money for the dinner.

[Onsen Spa]

Q Can I go to a hot spring though I will not stay the hotel?
A We are sorry that only staying guests can use hot springs in our hotel.
So there is no hot springs for day trippers in our hotel.
Q When can I use onsen?
A Guests can use it from 14:00 to 10:30 in the morning.
Q When can I use Tsukimi no yu?
A For men 22:00-08:00 For women 08:30-21:30
Q I want to use private hot spring.
Can I reserve it in advance?
A Guests can reserve the private open-air hot spring bath in advance or at frontdesk on the day.Please tell us your desired using time by e-mail if you want to reserve it in advance.
*The time of using private open-air hot spring bath is
15:00-22:00,07:00-09:00 (The time slot is **:00-**:50)
ex) 22:00-22:50,09:00-09:50
The rate for private open-air hot spring bath is 2,200JPY(50minutes) per room.
Q Is there a locker in hot spring facilities?
A There are lockers Hoshi no yu and Tuki no yu.
Q Are there towels in hot spring facilities?
A We prepare towels in your room.
So please bring towels from your room.
Q Can guest with tattoo use hot spring?
A Yes.Guests with tattoo use hot spring too.


Q Do you have baby crib for rental?
A We have 1 baby crib for rental(2,200JPY).
Q Do you have yukata for child?
A We have the yukata for child. The extra charge is 330JPY.
The rate for child with futon (and meals) include the yukata for child.
Q Can I warm the baby food?
A Please ask the staff in charge of your room.
Q Can I use electric kettle to make baby milk?
A There is electric kettle in all rooms.
Q Can baby use hot spring?
A Yes.But please try not to bother other guests.

[Annex Posada]

Q Is there a restaurant in your hotel?
A I'm sorry that there is no restaurant in our hotel.
Q Where can I check in the hotel?
A Please come to the front desk of Hakone Suimeisou and check in.
Q Is Annex Posada far from Hakone Suimeisou?
A It takes about 10seconds by walk.But they are not connected.
Q Can I use hot spring in the main building?
A Yes.You can use hot spring in the main builiding.
Q Are there convenience store and restaurants near your hotel?
A It takes about 2 minutes from our hotel to the nearest convenience store.
There are some restaurants near our hotel.But most of them close at around 18:00.

[Other Questions]

Q Can I use credit card for payment?
A Yes.Guests can use credit card(Visa,Master,JCB,etc.)
But we can't receive the payment by union pay.
Q Can I rent a stroller or a wheelchair?
A There is no stroller for rental.
There is 1 wheelchair for rental.
Q What is hot spring tax?
A The local tax in Hakone.
Guests staying in Hakone need to pay 150JPY per night.
Q From what time can I check in?
A From 14:00.And please check in before around 18:00 if you eat the dinner in our hotel.
(Please check in before 22:00 if you don't eat the dinner in our hotel.)
Q What time should I check out by?
A Please check out by 11:00.
Q Can you keep our luggage?
A Yes.We can keep your luggage at front desk before check-in and after check-out.
Q Do you offer early check-in or late check-out?
A I'm sorry that we don't offer "early check-in" and "late check-out".
Q Can I send the luggage to the hotel in advance?
A Please send the below addres.
"Hakone Suimeisou 702 Yumoto Hakone Kanagawa 250-0311"
Please write your name and staying date.
Q Can I send the luggage from your hotel to the airport?
A You can send the luggage at shop of our hotel by Yamato Transport's.
Q Do you offer pick up service?
A I'm sorry that we don't offer pick up service because our hotel is 2 minutes walk from the station.
Q Can I use parking lot for free?
A Guests can use parking lot for free.
*Guests for Posada in annex can't use parking lot.